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Introducing Linxs

The Linxs hardware was developed in close collaboration with the world-leading nano-electronics institute ‘imec’. 

Linxs is based upon a powerful motherboard -which contains all the ‘mobile router’ functionalities- and a flexible sensorboard -which can be customised according to the needs of our customers.

The Linxs built-in 4G/LTE radio is pre-provisioned to work in over 150(!) countries. The ‘on-boarding process’ for a Linxs device is fully automated, meaning no manual interaction is required when a Linxs device is powered-on for the 1st time. 

Because Linxs is also an micro edge-server, it means that Linxs can preprocess your IoT data and upload it to any private or public cloud platform "immediately and in the right format". And since Linxs comes with our ‘Linxs Worldwide VPN & Signalisation Cloud’, we guarantee <250ms latency around the world through our 15 Global Points of Presence.

The ‘Linxs Demo Kit’ is available to companies interested in test-driving our Linxs ‘Connectivity as a Service’ offering.
This kit comes at a one-time fee and includes 1 Linxs mobile router, access to the ‘Linxs Device Management Platform’ and 1 LinxSIM 4G Data card preloaded with 10GB of data.
 Please contact us via sales@linxs.io if you’re interested in buying Linxs in larger quantities.

Linxs Technical Specifications

Processor: 1.3Ghz dual-core ARMi7 processor with 256MB RAM and 512MB Flash
Wired Network: 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet ports
4G/LTE Network: CAT4 LTE modem with support for LTE bands B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28/B38/B40/B41
Includes EUICC SIM-Card; possibility to use own SIM cards and mobile network operator
Wi-Fi Network: 2 x Wi-Fi radio’s with support for 2.4GHz and 5Ghz and 802.11 b/g/n/ac
USB: 1 x USB-A (Host)
Antennae: internal MiMo 2x2 for LTE and Wi-Fi; external MiMo 2x2 via SMA for LTE and Wi-Fi
Power: Supply Voltage 5V - support for difference power adaptors & input voltages
Dimensions Motherboard (includes sensor board): 133mm x 73mm x 17.5mm
Support for different casings (e.g. IP67)
Certifications: Europe (CE) - US (FCC - pending)

The Linxs daughterboard can be customised "any way you want” to support e.g. CAN- and Modbus, GPIO, external GPS and BLE antenna’s, additional storage or processing capabilities, …
Possibility to forward sensor and machine data to own cloud platform via e.g. JSON or MQTT
The Linxs “Sensor” version includes on-board the following sensors:
- GPS (location, speed, altitude)
- 3D-Gyro (vibration, shock, acceleration)
- Temperature + Humidity + Atmospheric Pressure
- Audio (dB)
- VOC (air quality including VOC)
- Proximity + Ambient Light
- Bluetooth: BLE 4.x with support for up to 8 sensor nodes

Operating System: LinxOS (Linux-based OS)
Built-in firewall
DHCP Server, Client, Relay
DNS & DNS Proxy
Support for VXLan and IP-MPLS (SD-WAN)
Support for IP-Sec, Open VPN and GRE Tunnels
Build VPN tunnels “when needed” via the on-board MQTT agent
Support for RADIUS and 802.1x authentication including WPA2/Enterprise
Policy Based Routing (e.g. least cost and best cost routing, traffic prioritisation, …)
Support for 3rd Party “Edge” applications (Linux based)
Remote Linxs devices are managed via the Linxs “Device Management” Cloud Service
Part of the Linxs services is the ‘Linxs Worldwide VPN & Signalisation Cloud’; this offers Linxs devices <250ms latency around the world through our 15 Global Points of Presence.


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