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The Challenges?
Many ‘Internet of Things’ devices -we call these ‘Remote Assets’ like e.g. machines and vehicles- already generate a lot of ‘machine data’.
In many cases these devices have built-in Ethernet and serial interfaces.
But how do we connect these devices in a secure way to a central cloud platform?
E.g. when they are located behind a firewall or in the middle of nowhere?
And what if we need remote access to these devices?

Introducing Linxs|1 ...
Linxs|1 is a small and weatherproof mobile router with a built-in cellular modem, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and runs the rock-solid Linux OS.
When connected to a 'remote asset', Linxs|1 will automatically build a secure VPN tunnel to a central cloud platform. 
Either via 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, dependant on the availability of the different types of networks.
Linxs|1 supports fail-over and can switch automatically from e.g. Ethernet to 4G/LTE in case this network type is no longer available.
Linxs|1 can also connect to other interfaces e.g. serial port. With Linxs|1 it is also possible to convert e.g. machine data and send it in the right format to any cloud platform.
Because Linxs|1 is so flexible, we call it our 'Swiss knife for the IoT era'.

But there is More!
Linxs|1 comes with 1 private IP-address in case remote access to Linxs|1 -or the devices connected to Linxs|1- is required.
Every Linxs|1 is also bundled with our 4G/LTE LinxSIM card which gives you borderless 4G/LTE data access throughout Europe (EU28).
Via the ‘Linxs Device Management Platform’ you can manage your (group of) Linxs|1 device(s), activate or deactivate devices, check data usage, … .
(Linxs|1 is our standard mobile router offering; 
we do offer other versions of the Linxs hardware based upon specific use cases and requirements.)

Test Drive Your Linxs|1 Today
Order your Linxs|1 Trial Kit here ... 
and discover why our “plug-and-play” IoT solution is already used to connect thousands of ‘remote assets’ to the cloud!

Linxs|1 - Technical Specifications

Processor: 650MHz. processor with 64MB RAM
Wired Network: 1 x 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports
4G/LTE Network: CAT4 LTE modem with support for LTE bands B1/B2/B3/B7/B8/B20/B38/B40
Includes LinxSIM Card; possibility to use own SIM cards and mobile network operator
Wi-Fi Network: 1 x Wi-Fi radio with support for 2.4GHz. and 802.11 b/g/n/
Serial: 1 x RS-232
Antennae: internal MiMo 2x2 for LTE
Power: via micro-USB or 10-57V PoE (adaptor included)
Maximum Power Consumption: 9 W
Dimensions: 139 x 77 x 28.5 mm.
Operating temperature: -40°C - +70°C
Ruggedized & weatherproof enclosure
Certifications: Europe (CE)

We do offer an US & FCC certified version of Linxs|1 (with support for LTE Bands B2/B4/B5/B12).

We do offer other versions of the Linxs hardware based upon specific use cases and requirements.
Please contact us for more information.

Operating System: Linux-based OS
Built-in firewall
DHCP Server, Client, Relay
DNS & DNS Proxy
Support for IP-MPLS (SD-WAN)
Support for IP-Sec, L2TP, Open VPN and GRE Tunnels
Build VPN tunnels “on demand” via the Linxs Cloud
Support for RADIUS and 802.1x authentication including WPA2/Enterprise
Policy Based Routing (e.g. least cost and best cost routing, traffic prioritisation, …)
Support for 3rd Party “Edge” applications (Linux based)
Remote Linxs devices are managed via the Linxs “Device Management” Cloud Service


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