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The Challenges?
Most mobile data offerings are based upon monthly subscriptions.
But what about devices which are not (yet) active?
Or what if you have no clue how a device will connect to the internet and your cloud infrastructure?
E.g. via 4G, fixed internet or Wi-Fi?
Or what with different kinds of devices with different data usage patterns? 

Introducing LinxSIM …
With our 4G Data SIM offering you pay a small one-time activation fee per SIM card.
Next you buy a 4G Data package-e.g. 10GB- which you can attribute to one SIM card … or a group of SIM cards.
The 4G data you bought stays valid for 24 months and can be used across Europe (EU28).
That’s it: no monthly subscription fees, no fees when devices are not active, never pay (too much) for mobile data you don’t use.

But there is More!
We developed our LinxSIM offering specifically for Linxs -yes, LinxSIM is included with every Linxs device-.
But because of the many questions we got from our customers, we’re offering now LinxSIM as a stand-alone solution.
So, yes, LinxSIM works with any IoT device!
And via the ‘Linxs Device Management Platform’ you can manage your (group of) SIM cards, add data limitations, delete or activate SIM cards, etc.
You can even reload your LinxSIM cards via this platform.

Too Good to be True?
Order here your LinxSIM Trial Kit today and find out why thousands of devices are already powered by LinxSIM.


Type of physical SIM cards?
LinxSIM is available in mini- and micro-SIM formats.

LinxSIM only works in Europe (EU28).
Check here for a list of all countries where LinxSIM can be used:

Outside Europe?
We do have other worldwide solutions; contact sales@linxs.io for more info.

Does LinxSIM supports multi-carrier?
Yes. LinxSIM supports at least 2 different carriers per country (with the exception of Belgium).
And will automatically switch between carriers based upon network strength and quality.

Does LinxSIM supports “sim swaps”?
LinxSIM is based upon the new EUICC SIM card standard.
This means you can swap from operator without physically replacing the SIM card. 

Why do we need the Linxs Device Management Platform?
Via the ‘Linxs Device Management Platform’ you can manage your (group of) SIM cards, add data limitations, delete or activate SIM cards, etc.
You can even reload your LinxSIM cards via this platform.

What are the hidden costs?
None. You only pay for the mobile data you’re using.
There is no fee for using the Linxs Device Management Platform for managing your SIM cards.

No monthly subscription fees?
No. LinxSIM has no hidden costs and no subscription fees.

Can 4G data be shared among different LinxSIM cards?
Yes. We call this “pooled data”. You can e.g. buy 10GB of data and share this data between 100 LinxSIM cards.
And buy an extra bundle of 10GB of data when your bucket is empty after e.g. 6 months.

How long stays the 4G data we buy valid?
The 4G data stays valid for a period of 24 months.
After 24 months your 4G data bucket will be reset to zero.

Activation fees per LinxSIM card?
The standard one-time activation fee per card is 10€ and includes the physical LinxSIM card.
If a card is not used during a period of 6 months, the card will be automatically deactivated.
If you would like to use the card after it has been deactivated, a reactivation fee of 10€ will be invoiced.

Do you offer LinxSIM postpaid solutions?
Yes we do. In such case we will always work with a payment guarantee.
Contact us via sales@linxs.io for more information.

Do you offer LinxSIM volume discounts?
We do no offer volume discounts for quantities <1000 LinxSIM cards.
If you are interested in buying 1000 LinxSIM cards or more we invite you to send us a mail via sales@linxs.io .

Can I use a LinxSIM in e.g. a laptop or tablet?
Yes, you can.
But if you use a lot of 4G/LTE data, you will find less expensive subscription-based offerings in the market.
LinxSIM is made for specifically for M2M/IoT applications whereby the actual data-usage per month and per device is rather limited.

What are the LinxSIM T&C's?
You can download the LinxSIM T&C's here.

How can we try LinxSIM?
We have a LinxSIM Trial Kit which you can order here.

LinxSIM Business Case Example

A company has a fleet of devices spread across Europe.

The one-time activation fee per LinxSIM card is 10€.
The average 4G data consumption per device is 1GB per year.
The EU28 LinxSIM 4G data cost per GB is 10€.

The total LinxSIM cost over 36 months per device is 10€ activation fee + 3 x 10€ = 30€ 4G data fee or 40€ in total.
This corresponds to a monthly fee per SIM card of 40€/36 = 1.1€.
But remember: if a card is not used there will be no 4G data cost. 

Contact us if you need advise regarding your LinxSIM business case at sales@linxs.io .



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