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After working on dozens of “Internet of Things” or IoT projects, the team behind Linxs discovered that securely connecting ‘remote assets’ to a cloud was incredibly complex while a lot of existing solutions where often too expensive. Because we could not find anything in the market that was addressing the needs of our customers -at the right price- we decided to develop our own offering. This is how our 'Linxs - Connectivity-as-a-Service’ solution was born: to make cloud connection easier and more accessible for both machine builders and users.


'Industrial Internet-of-Things' or 'I-IoT' means connecting ‘remote assets’ -e.g. devices, machines and vehicles-  with a central cloud infrastructure in order to save on costs and increase efficiency. The focus of our company is on solving the connectivity challenge: "How to create a secure and virtual network cable between these ‘remote assets’ and any cloud infrastructure?" Our end-to-end managed “Linxs - Connectivity-as-a-Service" solution addresses this challenge. We don't do data-analytics but our Linxs offering includes the pre-processing and conversion of machine data prior to upload this data to any cloud platform. 


Thanks to an experienced and dedicated team of software, hardware, and cloud developers, we’ve developed our “Linxs - Connectivity-as-a-Service” offering helping companies on solving the connectivity challenge.

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Linxs is a registered trademark (TM) of New Tinxs NV/SA.

New Tinxs is located near the beautiful medieval town of Bruges in Belgium.
The registered company address is:

New Tinxs NV
Vaartdijkstraat 19/A
8200 Brugge

Company Registration Number: BE 0644.407.028
You can reach New Tinxs via info@newtinxs.com .


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