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The Challenges?
You’ve hundreds or even thousands of Linxs|1 mobile routers or LinxSIM data sim cards in the field.
But how do you manage all these devices and cards?
E.g. to change settings, either for one device or a group of devices?
And how can you create alarms, e.g. when a device is offline or when a data usage limit on a LinxSIM data sim card has been reached?

Introducing Linxs Orchestrator
Linxs Orchestrator is our cloud platform for the real-time monitoring and central management of all your Linxs|1 devices and LinxSIM data sim cards.
Our cloud platform supports “Over-the-Air” or “OTA” software updates and device configuration for one or multiple Linxs|1 devices.
Linxs Orchestrator also allows you to delete or activate LinxSIM cards, define different subscription types and data profiles, … .
This cloud platform supports events; e.g. create a notification message if a certain 4G-data limit has been reached or when a device is not longer available.
Linxs Orchestrator comes with live dashboards and multi-tenancy to create separate environments for different company departments or customers.

But there is More!
Linxs Orchestrator runs on MS Azure.
This means no installation of specific software and 100% browser-based.
But we also offer our customers the possibility to run their own instances of Linxs Orchestrator. 
Either managed by our customers or by our company.
Integration with other cloud platforms or software applications is also supported.
Finally, all user interactions with the Linxs Orchestrator platform are logged; e.g. for internal company security audits.

Our Linxs Orchestrator platform is included with both Linxs|1 and LinxSIM.
In order to test this service we recommend to order the Linxs|1 or LinxsSIM trial kit here.


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