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Linxs Demo Kit

Linxs Mobile Router and includes the following components:


  • Hardware as listed on web-site www.linxs.io
  • Includes 10+ sensors
  • Non-rugedized casing
  • External Wi-Fi (2) and LTE (2) antenne
  • 5V USB-C power adaptor and USB-Cable


  • LinxSIM card with 10GB of prepaid 4G data; 4G data is valid in EU28 countries and for a period of 36 months
  • Access to "Linxs Device Management Platform" for a period of 36 months


  • The Linxs Demo Kit is for demo-purposes only
  • The Linxs Demo Kit does not support multi-device management


Interested in buying the Linxs hardware in larger quantities?
Please contact us directly via sales@linxs.io